About TNP

The Future of Publishing is Just Around The Corner at Top Noch Productions.

Top Noch Productions LLC is a New York city minority based and military-owned start-up that creates original Hip Hop media for all kinds of licensing.

TNP was started by Ignacio Foster Jr.  As operating owner and chief innovation officer of Top Noch Productions, Ignacio creates original branding while pursuing open innovation online to develop media into mainstream brands.

Ignacio Foster Jr

Noch (/näCH/) Tec has been drawing since the age of four. He has an immense passion for street graffiti. He has an eye for classical handwriting but as an old school hip hop connoisseur.

The idea of developing a brand from a fictional city came about in 2005. This concept was to reflect the foundation of paintings he was working on featuring urban skylines and cityscapes in the backgrounds. The series of artwork he painted with oils in those days also had a Hip Hop/Graffiti appeal to them.


Ignacio joined the military shortly in 2006. His military occupation was helicopter mechanic, but when the chain of command got word of his talent he took Swifty Fox, the squadron mascot, to the next level. He became the goto personnel when the squadron wanted to make motivational shirts to rally morale during deployments.


Now that he’s out as a veteran, its time for him to boost YOUR morale. Ignacio is back with Noch City to take Hip Hop art and style to the next level with the Urban Market Shop.

Here is where you will find Ignacio’s art printed and stylized on some of the best quality apparel in the industry. There’s even gear like smartphone cases, pillows and coffee mugs with his signature creative original Hip Hop style.


So if you’re looking for trendy apparel with your Zodiac sign or maybe something that shows your holiday spirit or if you just want that Noch City flavor visit any one of these urban market shop pages sponsor by these great online retailers.

Noch City is a notch of a bigger city. Like a microcosm of New York or any major metropolitan area or a microcosm of this creatively vast Hip Hop culture.

On the daily Noch City a digital online network that posts marketing content and shares social media, blogs and reviews about original and creative Hip Hop branding with the following online content marketing: